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Mailbox Club

The CEF Mailbox Club correspondence program helps establish children, teens and adults in their faith and encourages them in Christian growth.


Students begin a daily walk with Christ while gaining self-confidence through personal feedback from caring volunteers. Students receive age-appropriate instruction and encouragement as they go through a quick response program.


We have 99 different lessons for children and 133 lessons for teens and adults for a total of 232 lessons. Each of these lessons come with a questionnaire about the lesson, which is then returned to the office to be corrected.


Our courses available are:

  • See and Do 1 (ages 5-6)
  • See and Do 2 (follows See and Do 1)
  • Story Time 1 (ages 7-8)
  • Story Time 2 (follows Story Time 1)
  • Explorers 1 (ages 9-10)
  • Explorers 2 (follows Explorers 1)
  • Course A (ages 11+)
  • Course B (follows Course A)
  • Course 1 (follows Course B)
  • Course 11 (follows Course 1)
  • Course 111 (follows Course 11)
  • Course 1v (follows Course 111)
  • Course v (follows Course 1v)
  • Love, Dating & Marriage (ages 16+)

Dedicated Christian volunteers from across Manitoba work in the CEF Mailbox Club. The work they do varies from correcting lessons to answering questions that kids or adults might have.


Whether volunteers come in once, twice, or every week, their investment makes an eternal difference.


For more information about becoming a CEF Mailbox Club Volunteer or to enroll in the Mailbox Club, contact us at:



CEF Manitoba

179 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg MB

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  • Manitoba CYIA, CYIA



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